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Lasting skills build resilient companies

At Bundle we deliver 1:1 personalized learning to develop skills, boost performance, and increase retention - driven by an engaging approach employees love.



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If you're looking to do more than check the L&D box - you've come to the right place.

Bundle takes a radically human approach

to employee skills development.


Bundled Soft Skills

Our personalized programs integrate essential human-centric skills like collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, empathy, and more.

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Live Trainers Teaching 1:1

Learners actively participate in 1:1 sessions with expert trainers who tailor the content based on skill levels and roles.

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Interactive Sessions

No lecture hall here. We blend role-playing, hands-on exersises, and diverse interactive content for a highly impactful learning experience.


Personalized learning at scale.

1. Select a program

We curate programs based on your organization's initiatives, strategic goals, employee population, and budget.

2. Individual assessments

We believe every human is unique and that one-size-fits-all learning falls short. That's why every learner completes a thorough pre-program skills assessment before starting their program. This gauges their current skill levels and ensures they receive the appropriate knowledge.

3. Schedule and complete sessions

Employees use their online learning dashboard to schedule and join sessions. We make it easy and accessible for every learner to complete their sessions when it works best, from any device.

4. Track progress and results

Admins stay in-the-know with access to session completion rates, post-assessment results, program impact, and learner feedback.
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High learner engagement   =   High performance and retention


Completion rate for
our 1:1 programs


Report live learning is more

engaging than self-paced courses


Say they will stay longer

at a company that invests

in their development

Workplace skills that boost performance

For the modern employee, technical skills are only part of the equation. Our programs focus on the essential soft skills employees need to be the next generation of leaders.

Essential soft skills include:

Communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, collaboration, leadership, conflict management, feedback, problem solving, inclusion, change management, empathy, resilience - and more.


Why 1:1 Learning?


What other HR leaders have to say about Bundle:

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Learn how personalized learning can transform your organization.